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About Club

Scientific research has shown that living in a non-cricketing country, is one of the highest causes of depression for expats from the cricketing world.

Ok! We made that up. But if truth be told, there is only so much one can do, once the initial excitement of Sea, Ski and football is over. With this in mind, followed the formation of Star Cricket Club. The basic idea being to enable the cricket starved gentlemen to have a fun filled gettogehter, instead of Bar, at a sports ground they all love and to showcase their skills, in a friendly and yet competitive fashion. And as the idea of occasional meetings on turf grew, as of today (2020), the club has quite a large number of registered players in the Luxembourg Cricket League.

With over 50 members ( players and supporters) and growing, the club fields two teams in the LCF league – Stars and TCS stars (a team comprising of the famous IT talents from Tata Consultancy Services) and additional third team in the Winter Indoor league, CSK, which is a namesake of the Indian Premier League team Chennai Super Kings. A number of ‘Stars’ also play in the prestigious Belgian league.

As any responsible sports club comes a role to develop junior cricket in Luxembourg for continuation of Luxembourg representation in future tournaments. Star CC is dedicated to help Junior Development and offers it´s resources in the form of ex and current players to guide and prepare juniors to develop their skills and compete in high octane games and tournaments. Several Star players are part of Under-11, Under-15 and Under-19 coaching sessions run by Luxembourg Cricket Federation.

Any club thrives on new talents and players. Star is open to everybody who is interested in the game and always ready to welcome you to join us.

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